Hobart P660 Issue


I have a Hobart P660 mixer and this week the mixer started moving extremely slow and I could slow the agitator down by holding it. Had a Hobart Tech come out and he told me the parts needed are obsolete and that the mixer is toast. Had to do with gears and screws in the upper gear section.

So, I find it hard to believe parts can’t be found. Has anybody experienced this symptom with their Hobart 600 or 660p? Does anyone have a good go-to source for parts? I really don’t want to buy a new mixer. This one is a beast and has worked flawlessly until now. Appreciate your help! I can be reached at 330.419.4325 if you prefer to call.

Thank You!

Courthouse Pizzeria
Medina, Ohio

Check out Parts Town. They have a lot of p660 parts including most of the gears.


I had a similar issue and watched the Hobart guy try to fix it and he destroyed the very gear box before my eyes as well as burn out the motor. After this, he said he needed another $12,000 to repair the unit because the parts are “obsolete”. To add to this indignity, I had to pay $2000 for his “destruction service”.

Contact Discount Bakery Equipment in Wayland, MI. They’ll bring you a completely rebuilt mixer for $9K-$10K and it will be built like a tank and better than new. I have two of them and couldn’t be more pleased. If you gearbox is still mostly in tact, they will give you trade in value on your current mixer.

I get nothing for this referral. This is a legit testimonial.

Had mine rebuilt back in 2018, cost me just over $4k, my (center shaft ??) broke