Hobart p660 motor

Anybody ever had a motor go bad in a 660 or simular mixer? Ours went down this morning and Hobart Tech is telling me $4,800 for a new motor + install… Have only used the mixer for 3-months and the used equipment shop told me, they only offer a 30 day warranty and are not willing to do anything… Just wondering if the motor can be repaired or if it truely needs a replacement…

Those motors can be rebuilt, the obvious best approach is to rewind the motor. If the magnetic core of a failed motor is undamaged and appropriate procedures are followed, a rewound motor will retain its original efficiency. Properly repaired, a “standard” efficiency motor will have its original “standard” efficiency, and an energy-efficient (EE) motor will have its original high efficiency.

Do a Google search for electric motor re winders
in your area.

George Mills

Thanks George! Great info!