Hobart Pelican Head Veggie Slicer


Is anybody using a Hobart Pelican Head to slice their veggies? We only need to slice Green Peppers and Onions, but tired of no consistency in size and cant find a good manual slicer that lasts for more that a month. We have a Hobart 660, so if the Pelican Head works, that would be great!

we use Nemco veggie slicer and their onion slicer

Thanks John. Have you tried the Nemco Veggie slicer for slices oions? Would be nice to have 1 piece of equip if possible.

It would work but would not make slices you would use on sandwiches s they wouldn’t be connected rings if that makes sense.

We use the Nemco EZ slicer for onions, peppers, and mushrooms

We process about 100lbs of onions weekly with no issues. I use a fixed blade Its around 1/4in.

I love the nemco its awesome.

The only problem is nobody actually wants to cut onions. Ive always wondered if buying those presliced vacuum sealed onions was a good idea

Or try the Robot coup,
I’ve heard a lot of people like that piece of equipment

I discoverd those about 5 months ago and have used them since.

The price is twice as much as chopping yourself, considering you get a 50 pound bag for $40 and 20% goes in the trash. 10 pounds chopped is twenty bucks.

I have a driver that is kind of a foodie and articulate. He toke home a mistake pizza of just onions and he said it was fantastic. he could really taste the onion, I guess cause they are so small and gets completely cooked.

They have them at Rd also

Pros: better tasting on pizza, no more chopping onions, no more crying

Cons: cost, would not work on salads, maybe not subs either

I just noticed you said pre sliced. the ones I have acsess to are diced

Yeah Ive only seen diced. I dont put onions on my salads so Im clear there.

I was at a baseball game and the sausage stands were all use bags of presliced mixed onions and pepper strips they were called fajita mix onions and peppers. So I know if a place absolutely had to have sliced onions over diced it seems possible

There is a company called gills that does pre sliced, diced, slivered. Out of California. Don’t know the cost but good quality

After 30 years of slicing by hand, I started using a Hobart pelican slicer attachment about a year ago. It works well and is quite fast. We slice our peppers into 3/4" strips. When cutting peppers, some will always go through the slicer sideways and you will get a large round slice that will need to be sliced by hand. Still tons faster than slicing manually. We also use it to slice our meatballs and sausage links.