Hobart washing machine

I was in a pinch today. I closed during the day on Monday, so I missed my linen service this week and was completely out of towels.

I put my “lightly” soiled towels in the bowl with some water and dish soap. Turned it on and voila… instant washing machine. And did you know that Middleby Marshall makes great clothes dryers? :wink:

Now if I can only figure out how to automate the rinse cycle.

Just thought I’d throw out the idea in case you’re ever in the same pinch.

BTW, I’m sure I’ll get some grief over this. Yes, the bowl and hook were sanitized afterwards.

That is hilarious… Very innovative lol.

I’m actually a bit intrigued by this. i wonder how well that process would work with aprons?

what temp did you run on the oven? I have this vision of having a huge problem on my hands if I tried to use my lincoln 1400’s

Disconnect your gas line.

Well, curiousity killed this cat and his driver, and tonight we filled the bowl with soap and water and through some dirty towels in it. put it on its lowest speed for about 20 minutes. emptied the bowl out and filled it with clean water and let it run for a little while. wrange each towel out by hand and ran them through our even sandwiched between 2 24" pizza screens, 3 min at 180 degrees. must say it worked pretty well, although a little time consuming.

For those that get tempted to try it to, i’ve learned the following; stay on the slow speed on the mixer. Any faster and you’ll have water sloshing all over the place. Also, raise your bowl all the way, and then lower it down about an inch.

get a washing machine! - would you really like your food made in the same appliance someone did their laundry?? I’m sure the health deptartment would have a field day on this one!

‘Come try our gourmet pizza - best in town, secret receipe suace, dough made daily! p.s. we also do laundry!’

We wont be doing this in our store, although we did have to try it to see if it worked. And we did thoroughly sanitize the hook and bowl after we were done trying it. Its much easier and less time consuming to just have tapco deliver us clean items to use.

That is very innovative! We always just put in a stacked laundry center though, innexpensive, and saves a ton over a service!