Well my hobart finally took a ride to the great heavens… :frowning: … Going to get a loaner till it gets fixed. BUT Im getting a 20 qrt. So I am advised I need to cut my recipe into 3rds for my dough… My question is can I just divide my ingredients by 1/3 or is there some magical # I need to go by ??? Getting the loaner 1st thing in morning so any help before then would greatly be appreciated

Im not sure as far as recipe changes, however, if youre looking for a new mixer, id highly recommend an LBC Spiral Mixer. Other think tankers may chime in about it too, I know it has a good track record with a very long tenured think tanker

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I have literally had my 60 qrt since 07, picked up from a liquidation sale and has been very good and reliable, my repair guy has told me he is very impressed by how well maintained I have kept it. and very clean under the hood. We just made a bad mistake by putting a 30# brick of cream cheese in it without breaking it down 1st. The one gear inside is made of brass and a tooth broke off, estimated cost is $2500-$3500… I only pd $4 for it in 07

Ask another person to look at. I bought mine knowing that the “BRASS” gear was broke. I got it fixed for $1,400. They make that first gear brass for a reason. So it will brake easier (under excess tension), then the other metal gears. that way the whole thing is not destroyed.

I would ask at least 2 others that do kitchen repair for an estimate. You could just simply tell them on the phone the brass gear broke and they could give you a price.

If you used Hobart repair, there prices are high so you will buy new one. Those things are made to last forever.

For your information, the LBC mixer i got was 6500 from Culinary depot. Might be worth a look. But i also agree with getting a second opinion on it

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Getting another estimate is out of the question as no one in the area does restaurant repair anymore, It would cost me more to get someone from another state in for an estimate :frowning:
My repair guy is in my area and has been doing hobart repairs for well over 40yrs, so I really do trust him…

Well if I only had 1 restaurant repair guy in my state, I would trust him too.

The answer to your original question would be, type all current ingredients into the Tom Lehman dough calculator https://www.pizzamaking.com/dough-calculator.html and then come up with the smaller needed batch required.

Keep in mind that depending upon the dough formulation, especially the dough absorption, your new dough formula may need to be based on something as small as 5-pounds of flour weight. This is assuming you will be using a Hobart A-200/AT-200 model.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks Tom & everyone, but after 2 days of using a crap loaner 20qrt mixer, I realized I have a cheese cake baker in the same plaza & called him & questioned him about his mixer, luckly he has 2 - 60 qrt hobarts & has allowed me use of his kitchen during the hours he is not in his kitchen, so I have been able to go 8 doors down & get my batches made…

It looks like you are going to owe him a pizza or two! :slight_smile:
Over the years we had a number of different pizzerias come up to AIB and ask if they might be able to use one of our mixers for making dough while theirs was down for repairs. We never refused them but as a company policy we had to be there with them when they were mixing their dough so it was an opportunity for use to improve the way they were mixing the dough in many cases. In one case three people showed up, the owner to mix the dough and help with scaling and balling and two to ball and box the dough. I felt sorry for them and after mixing, I had the owner stacking the dough boxes and the other two scaling while I did all of the dough rounding/balling. They couldn’t believe that one person could round the dough balls that fast as I was able to keep pace with two of them scaling the dough.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor