holding cabinet

When doing a large order, do you use a holding cabinet to keep pizzas at temp?
for instance we have 100 large pizza’s do you cut and box the pizza then put in cabinet? It would seem that moisture would destroy the boxes, I thought of leaving on the screen and place them at a holding temp until all are ready to cut and box. If so what temp and moisture do you set at?

Your local health department would probably be a lot happier with you if you were to hold those pizzas at a minimun of 140F (145F recommended for dine-in and 160F (165F recommended) for delivery. Since we are talking about a heated cabinet with many pizzas in it I don’t thing adding humidity will be needed as the pizzas will maintain sufficient humidity in the confines of the cabinet to prevent the pizzas from drying out while awaiting boxing.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

With a really big order like that sometimes it helps to talk to the client and send the order in 2 separate deliveries. Even if its only 10 or 15 min apart it can really relieve a lot of stress

If you do end up going with a holding cabinet, May I suggest the CVAP by Winston industries. You can set temp and humidity independently, and they work great for almost everything, but I do not know if boxed pizza would work, you could probably do better without the box for holding with minimal quality loss