Holding cabinets

Hi there!

We do a lot of pick up business, and usually keep our pies on top of the oven until the customer arrives. Unfortunately, we run out of space up there pretty easily, and it means cooks have to stop what they are doing to pull down pies.

I’ve thought about getting a hot holding cabinet, but am unsure of the way they affect pie quality.

Does any one have experience with these? Preferred models or types?

Thanks in advance

We Have placed hundreds of Lockwood RA72PF Heated cabinets.
Every buyer very satesfied.

Thanks George, I’ll look into them

Nothing holds pizza like a Crescor.

Thanks, I’ll check them out

What model Crescor do you use?

I just picked up a crescor, used from a LC that closed in the local area for 1200. I was constantly running out of top oven space, especially when I had huge orders. We had to modify the racks inside to accommodate the 16" boxes though. But used for the 1st time this past weekend and we love it

Good question - they have so many different (and long) model numbers I’m not sure. I’ll check.

I believe it is the same used by LC, one door on the back, 2-door split on the front.

That is a good price assuming it is in good shape. One thing about the Crescor cabinets - they are super expensive when compared to most any other “holding” cabinet. They are one of the few things I will say “you get what you pay for” when it comes to pizza equipment. Years ago when I bought our first one, I had sticker shock. But when we got it and started using it, I was a convert.