We have not been open quite a year yet. What do most do for Christmas Eve hours?


Just my opinion… A precious day off

Closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and holiday hours (4:00 to 10:00) through New Years Day.

opening during the holidays is not a “one size fits all” proposition - so many factors are involved. personally, i have always opened on thanksgiving (and have never sold anything remotley related to thanksgiving meals), xmas eve, xmas, new years’ eve and new year’s day and they are among the busiest days of the year for me. i have also never had any problems staffing those days either, probably because we don’t open until noon.

i’m located in a very multi-cultural region of the country where many folks don’t even observe these holidays - instead they mean nothing more to them other than a long weekend or a day off work and an opportunity to go out and spend some money!

if these days had proven to be slow i would definitely be closed for the holidays - but, as i mentioned, they are extremely busy. and “thank you very much for being open” is something we hear all day and the staff tips reflect this appreciation…

We’re regular hours on Christmas Eve. Closed Christmas day. Regular hours after that. -J_r0kk

Normally we are open until 7pm on the 24th but because it is a Sunday this year we will be closed. Always closed the 25th, 26th we are open 2pm-10pm New years eve we will be open untill 10pm new years day 2 - 10pm

i was thinking of opening up christmas night at aboout 5pm most everybody i know is done with christmas by 4pm

what do you think


If you’ve got the staff that wants to work, DO IT! Christmas day is HUGE! What do you think is the single biggest day of the year for movie theaters? That’s right… Christmas day! Why? 'Cause after 4, everyone’s bored and don’t have anything to do.

I can’t. I’d love to, but I made a commitment to myself and my family that Christmas day was a day to be taken off. So I’m closed.

normal hours are sun-thurs 11-11, fri/sat 11-1am

christmas eve open until 8pm

christmas day CLOSED

As nice as it is to ‘steal’ some sales, family is more important.

In my last place we always closed at about 7 or so on Xmas eve, and we opened at 5 on Xmas day. We always did well on Xmas day because people didn’t want to cook anymore and they wanted out of the house.

I think most customers would understand if you stayed closed all day on Christmas. This should be a day that is spent with your family. Lord knows that you don’t get enough time with them anyway.