Holiday pay?

Simply put, is there such a thing? I’ve heard myths about it before.

Seems a simple google search shows that it is not legally required in CA. Maybe in other states?

I have heard of some employers in CA giving special holiday pay. Not pizza places however.

Most corporate jobs offer it, I think I even got it when I worked at Wal-Mart in college. It’s usually been time-and-a-half for hours worked, or just pay for average number of hours normally worked if our offices were closed when I worked at a HR company and a bank.

One utility company I worked for paid us time and half dor working the holiday plus we already got 8 hrs holiday pay, so if you worked one of the paid holidays basically you got 2.5 times you normal rate that day. They went bankrupt and got sold, but not due to what they paid me, they had other issues as well. It sucks when you build a nuke plant and they don’t let you turn it on.

I used to pay my guys like Rick described. Part of their benefits pkg was 8 hours straight pay for holiday pay and then if they worked the holiday they got time and a half. Now it wasn’t a pizza shop but I think if you treat your employees well and pay accordingly with great benefits it does pay off in the long run. I know this will ruffle some feathers and I realize that money is tight for most these days…but every business I have ever been involved with has grown and expanded in part to the benefits that were offered and structured to keep the workers happy. It costs a lot more than most realize to have to hire and train someone new on a constant basis. Not too mention the headaches for the managers and owners…over and over again. Yes it costs a bit more…and it is a little hard to stomach the larger paychecks going out and extra expense for better healthcare and perks for the workers sometimes… but I have never seen it not work out in the long run for the company.

The other side of this mindset is by having happy workers you do have less problems overall. Less last minute sick days. Less theft. Less turnover. More productivity. More loyalty. It is like being the place that pays just slightly above the competition down the road. It is a low cost for piece of mind and the ability to put more faith and trust into your employees. Makes taking those couple of days off a lot easier too. Knowing that your manager or lead is not going to walk out in the dinner rush and leave the store in a free for all.

I realize there has to be a balance but everyone wants to make a living at whatever level they will strive for. Why make your business minimally profitable with a lot of headaches when for a couple of percentage points off the bottom line you can hopefully make up for it in sales and cognitive balance of things.

Where I live there are regulations that are very specific as to how employees are to be paid on statutory hoildays. If an employee meets the requirements, the pay rate is 2 1/2 times the normal pay, or 1 1/2 times the normal pay and a paid day off if they work their regular shift. If the employee is given the stat hoilday off they are paid the normal rate for that day.

With these regulations in effect my wages for a typical stat holiday run around $600 - $700. I have chosen to close for all stat hoildays.