Holy Moly... blow out night

Other than some large catering gigs, we have never had a night much over 3K outside of the holiday period. Last night was nearly 4500 almost out of the blue. We were expecting a 3000-3200 night but had over 1K in by 4PM.

The great part? I did not find out about it until 9PM when my daughter came home from working the phones. It went smooth.

Our second location (slices) did clost to 2500 so that makes just short of a 7K day. It looks like my manager is finally getting really settled. Times like this make think of not selling the place.

Way to go! That’s great that you did it in the middle of March too. Wait till the busy season starts.

We had our biggest Saturday ever last night as well – exceptional number of pickups. Our lunch business was not particularly busy – actually subpar – and I did not notice any big orders either.

:frowning: Slower than normal here cause it’s spring break. Students will be flocking back to town tonight with wallets filled!!!

we also had a record saturday night!..this was our second in a row

bodegahwy, keep padding those numbers for the sale :slight_smile: Heck, you might end up leasing your old building back after all.

Spring break is what is driving it here. March is a pretty good month. Usually the 3rd best of the year for us. When I stopped by this AM I did find out that the numbers they quoted me include sales taxes though… so the real number was more like 4K than 4.5 in the delco. Still the best day we have ever had there outside of the holidays.

Friday was one of the best since the Christmas holiday season, but Saturday was crap.

Sunday was a blow out with an extra 30 larges needed to be rolled out and a record takings for a Sunday, and with one staff member down.


awesome man, its always nice when you get suprising numbers in a good way(as apposed to the bill for flour) :slight_smile:


My Friday was off about 300 and my saturday was off about 200. My shop is in a wealthier part of town and i guess they all went to Bodega’s for the week! :smiley:
I know of 2 couples that went to Italy with their kids and another that went to Tahoe. But it was funny though, they said they had to get their “fix” before they left.
Hopefully, all my spring break familys are back this week!