Homeade or Packaged Pesto Sauce?

For those who offer a pizza with Pesto sauce, do you make your own or use a packaged product? Any recommendations on the latter? Thanks.


I don’t use either, yet. I would say it is really, simple to make your own, and would likely be more cost effective. I posted a recipe to a previous thread here:

http://www.pmq.com/tt/viewtopic.php?t=2 … ight=pesto

It is a basic starter that can give you a basic boost.

We used package pesto. It’s by Arminino.

pesto is so simple to make and takes no time at all, I would recommend making your own it takes less than ten minutes to make and that includes time spent gathering your misenplace. Also you can taylor your pesto to your specific taste.

i suggest the homemade. it produces a fresher product. taking the chance on purchasing a pesto you haven’t tasted before is a total waste of time and money. DON"T DO IT

for the masses…pesto is an “acquired” taste…I like pesto, but I’m in the minority…

Sysco has an excellent brand…comes in frozen 2#(?) containers…lasts a long time…

we use it pizza, chicken sandwiches, pasta etc.

For Basil pesto, while making your own may be a higher quality product, I have found a very flavorful product from Italian Rose. (www.italian-rose.com). You will also find the jar version is about 1/2 the price of fresh, as the price of fresh basil is about $11 per pound from your vendor, and probably $25 per pound at the grocery store.

No question housemade pesto is better if you are considering a pasta menu item. But if you a only doing pizza (which I do basil pesto for the sauce, chicken breast, mozzarella, red onion and tomato), the jar version works well.

If you are thinking also of doing a sandwich, try chicken breast, romaine, red onion, tomato, provolone, and spread a 50% pesto 50% mayo mixture on both sides. I sell everyday for $7.

I would strongly agree w/ Patriot,why would you take on another thing to make when there are so many great tasting pesto’s out there especially Sysco’s brand.Yes it is a little less expensive to make yourself but there are some things we have to bite the bullet on and for me thats one of them.Yes we all make the ‘best’ homemade pesto but hey lets face it there are some really good products out there that make life easy for us.The reason I would pick this one to 'bite the bullet’on is because I’m sure this isn’t your biggest selling product either.If it is then hey do whatchya gotta do.
Niccademo <—still pulling dough off the cieling

You make a fine argument paleface. For a blue collar pizza joint like most of us, pesto isn’t the stock and trade of what we do. If I have to cut a corner a little, this makes sense as a place to do it. If I’m not moving enough to be a front line item, then a packaged sauce would actually make sense.

We used to make our own, but the cost of pine nuts was high. I sampled several, and found the Armanino product that someone else mentioned to be the best. It is actually cheaper than the one we made ourselves too! We use it on both pizza and pasta and our customers love it.