Homemade Fries

Does anyone make their own fries? We use a Sysco brand/label fry and would like to make them in house. Any tips on how to do it? Or whether or not it’s worth the time?

Also, what COGS % do you expect to get off of homemade fries?

I sell alot of fries… I think. I buy sysco classic brand 3/8 no coating
450lbs a week. If I did fresh fries Id need about 14 50lb cases

We ve done homemade fries before for fun… It wasnt fun though. Pushing a 50lb box of potatoes through the cutter. Then you soak them in 5 gallon buckets to remove some starch drain and rinse. You par fry the fries 2 baskets full at a time for about 2 mins drain and put on sheet pans.
From there you can freeze or keep in the fridge for a day I think.
In the end a 50lb box of potatoes yielded me about 34lbs of fries.
I tought you could just cut them then fry them but they look gross and are still raw eventhough they turn very dark brown in a few mins


Here is “In n Out” making them. They don’t show the full process but from there they - rinse - dry - and fry.

I make fresh fries and it’s not so bad. we slice into 5 gallon buckets and soak overnight. par cook the fries and then cool them and hold them in the fridge. when a order comes in we blast them, season, and serve. we serve skin on and sever the small little bastard cuts too those are my favorite so there is no waist.

I should have said they were excellent tasting fries.

Dont know how well they would hold up on delivery though…