Homemade House Dressing

Does anyone have a good start off point for a in store made dressing that I could make for myself?

GOOD question. Thanks for posting it.

Let me ask what you’re trying to achieve. Are you wanting a dipping sauce Ranch dressing or something thicker like you’d get in a bottle from Hidden Valley Ranch? I ask because HVR, in my opinion, is lousy for dipping and I don’t use Ranch on a salad. I can’t help with a recipe, but will be very interested to see what others come up with.

I want to use it on mainly on salads.

We get a good ranch mix packet from a local spice company. We mix it with equal parts Buttermilk & Mayo (use a good mayo, tried a cheaper brand and it tasted nasty). We also add 1/2 cup romano and one tablespoon black pepper for each gallon of dressing. To make it thicker for dipping, just go a bit heavier on the mayo.

I make my own dressing. Starting with sugar and milk. I’d give it away, but it is a secret receipe given to me by the former owner.

Ketchup and 1000 Island Dressing, huh? :lol:

It’s a dressing I use on my famous homemade potato salad that people drive for miles for.

i dont do it myself, but someone i know starts with juice from feta cheese, adds some juice from kalamata olives, red vinegar, mayo, spices.

I have a couple of ideas for you.

If you are looking for ranch here’s the recipe.

equal parts mayo and buttermilk and 1/2 part sour cream: ie: 1c +1c + 1/2c

for every quart of ranch add the following and bump up as you increase quantity:

2 Tbl dried thyme - rubbed in your hands to warm up and release oils
2 Tbl fresh oregano
2 Tbl fresh chives
2 Tbl minced garlic - I’ve found a micoplane works best to get it small enough that no one bites down on a big chunk.

1/4 cup white wine vinegar

Salt and Pepper to taste.

For a twist you can add about 1/4 tsp of Cayenne to each quart of ranch and maybe 1tsp of paprika.

Here is a roasted red pepper vinaigrette that is a big hit every place I have made it.

1 can roasted red peppers
1 cup red wine vinegar
3 cup olive oil - NOT EV OLIVE OIL-too strong flavor
2 cloves of garlic
1/4 cup honey
2 tbl dried thyme
1 minced onion
2 Tbl Dijon mustard. You can use yellow but Dijon tastes better
Salt and Pepper to taste

put everything except the oil in a food processor or blender and then hit puree. Slowly drizzle in oil until combined and emulsified. Adjust salt and pepper to tasted

I forgot a couple of things. If you are using the ranch for dip you should increase the amount of mayo to thicken it up to the consistency you are looking for. Just adjust the salt to bring the taste back up.

Also this recipe (as all recipes) is better if you make the mayo from scratch. If you want an easy mayo recipe let me know. But if you don’t have the time or inclination to make the mayo, best foods is as close to homemade as I have ever tasted. The mass produced stuff from the suppliers will never get you where you want to go. They are more air than flavor.

Just my $.02


I used to make my own dressing, when I had time, but it became a hassle, and unless I made it never seemed to come out right. So unfortunately I switched to Litehouse Brands 2 oz. Packets. Its cheap, and portion control is important in a high volume restaurant.