Honey Dough in a Conveyer

Hi All,
Im almost certainly moving forward with the switch from a deck oven to a conveyer. I understand probably lots of negative posts about why I should not, but I live in an area thats impossible to find any labor, let alone decent labor Low skilled labor and lots of inconsistencies, not to mention limited labor which ones no extra employee to tend the deck ovens. Which means a conveyer in part helps that problem. Lastly we have a VERY small restaurant, less than 700 sq ft, which means limited capacity and labor.

So… we have great reviews, mostly focused on our dough and our creative toppings and combinations. A sweet honey dough. Almost 3% sugar (honey weight). Much sweeter than most basic recipes. We tried to switch to something with a lower sugar content but we had a number of complaints, asking us to switch back and stating that it wasn’t nearly as good.

So… please… anyone and everyone, can I still cook a high sugar dough in a conveyer? Its a make or break for us.

Hawaii Pizzaman

I use 2% sugar (granulated, not honey though) and it cooks fine. There is almost certainly going to be a difference in the way your pizza bakes from a deck to a conveyor. I doubt you will get much negative feedback from most of us on switching though, I think the majority here are using conveyor ovens now. What brand are you looking into?

Because of limited space were looking at the lincoln impingers. Probably a stack of three. They have to remain in almost the same footprint as our blodgett double ovens.

@bodegahwy would be a good person to get information from. I know he uses honey in his dough and cooks in conveyor ovens.

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