"Honey Mustard" pizza ideas? (at it again)

Since I am making this spiffy honey-dijon-brown mustard sauce for the bratwurst pie, I need ot find another reason for that sauce to exist. I HATE HATE HATE single use food items in my shop. Soooooo, I have a couple ideas that I may post up here, and wanted to see if anyone can point me to a really swell pizza using a honey mustard sauce.

I have a feeling there will be ham and chicken involved in most of them. I am working some angles myself.

Anyone got a bone for an old dog?

he TSouthern Cross
The Best Of NC & GA
Honey Mustard Sauce, grilled chicken, sauteed peppered Valida onions and our house blend of cheese, crowned with tangy red BBQ glaze & cheddar cheese (cross or X on pizza)

nick got 3rd place in regional contest 2 years ago, plus won best pizza in METRO Indy…and a huge seller
we call it our Caribbean twist
honey mustard base with ham, then the cheese and bacon on top cooked…
once it comes out we add very finely diced blend jalapeno’s, banana peppers, tomato’s, pineapple and red onions,
then we criss-cross with ranch dressing.http://rockstarpizza.net/images/pizzas/twist.jpg

Rockstars pizza looks delicious.

oooh I want to play:

one of my emps makes a pizza with honey-mustard chicken and pineapple.

you can mix it with a little hot sauce and have a new flavor for wings. make a breadstick type thing with the sauce and slices of swiss cheese (thinking a cheese and craker type taste). and of course the ham and chicken thing you already mentioned.

[size=5]I refuse to play this game…[/size] [size=2]but only because I can’t stand Honey Mustard dressing.[/size]

P.S. - I lied. What about a “salad” pizza with chicken, veggies and croutons - bake the croutons right on the pizza to add a unique crunch.

Nothing like reviving an old thread!

Rockstar, on the Caribbean Twist pizza are you using Honey Mustard Dressing or Honey Mustard? I saved your post on this one years ago and I made a pizza for the kitchen the other night similar to this using honey mustard dressing and chicken in place of the ham and everybody loved it.


Here is a twist on one we have on our menu (we do it with basil pesto sauce):

Honey Mustard Cordon Bleu:

Honey Mustard Sauce
Ham and Chicken
Red Onions
Shredded Parm

Not a pizza… but we keep on hand some J&D bacon salt and mix it with our tradition honey mustard and use it on wings… bacon honey mustard wings. Quite popular… not sure how it would work with a darker dijon though. Probably be a bit too strong.

You can make a burger pizza that really tastes like a burger! Use the honey mustard sauce instead of tomato sauce, top with cheese (could mix in some cheddar), crumbled ground beef and onion. Once out of the oven lay on some sliced pickles, iceburg lettuce and chopped fresh tomatoes.

I’m not sure if my idea will work or not, but maybe you could treat the dough with a lye solution before baking to get a pretzel’ish color or texture on your honey-mustard creation.

I’ve never made pretzels, so I’m not sure how strong the lye solution should be, or when it should be applied, and the safety of using that technique on a pizza.

I’m thinking a bratwurst sausage with honey mustard, onions & kraut.

If you need a bratwurst formulation, hit me up, I’ll share my favorite Wisconsin formulation with you. Or you could have a local butcher make some up in bulk too.