Hood Baffles cleaning assistance request

Since there are some cleaning threads, I thought I’d gather some collected wisdom. Cleaning the grease baffles in my hood is always going to be distasteful and awkward. I am curious if anyone out there has a miracle technique that takes the drudgery out of baffle cleaning.

I use a degreaser, a scrub brush and lots of time. What else is better? Easy-off oven cleaner? I clean them about every three months (low volume shop remember)

powerwasher, wow u got it good we have to have a pro do it and he has to give us a certificate $350.00 to give to the insurance company every 6 months

up23 has the answer, I used to take them to a car wash and line them up, spray degreaser, power wash the crap out of them and get the bulk off. If there was more junk on them then use the wheel brush to finish off any leftovers. Worked like a charm, saved tons of time and only cost around $5.

PS Remember not to stand to close, it can be messy.

I take a baffle over my charbroiler (dirtiest one) at the end of the night while it is still hot and rinse it off in my sink with the sprayhead and it gets pretty much everything off…then rotate remaining baffles and repeat…takes 5 min and if it really bad you can use degreaser afterwrds and rinse again


The other thing that I forgot to mention was the same as famous, but these places had a door type dishwasher. I would rinse it with the spray head, scrub any debris off then run it through the dishwasher once on each side. I worked in 3 different places like this and they always fit perfectly. I would put extra degreaser in the water in the bottom. Then made sure to change the water when done and run empty once to get rid of any grease left over in machine.

Hope this helps!

In New York, We must have it cleaned by a professional every 6 months by state law. Insurance company also says it must be clean.

My experience with hoods is similar to those mentioned.

Some hoods have screws that you can take apart the entire thing and clean inside, then re-assemble.

Degreaser in a sink or a “dip tank” works great and power wash. I have found that if you let the parts “soak” overnight it really does LESS good because the temperature of the water or solution cools and the grease doesnt escape, even using degreaser and with a power washer the water isnt HOT, so unless the pieces were recently used with HOT HOT water, the process is less effective.

What I found most important was REGULAR cleaning…a program where it is done extensively regularly, not just a nightly rinse since unless you take apart the whole unit, rinsing doesnt really do that much, and the parts cool and the grease collects.

Also, cleaning the track regularly on the hoods helps.

:idea: This way does seem to work the best. :idea:

Here in CT same thing, but I still do the regular cleaning also…my new insurance company wants it cleaned every 3 months which I think is ridiculous :evil:

Are we all talking about the removable baffles that fit into place along the back/top of the hood . . . or are some talking about the exhaust duct where grease and fire-prone goo can build up? I get the feeling we are actually having two conversations, and I want to be sure we give each one fair time and recognition.

Insurance companies or legislations requiring I clean the six 24"x24" removable baffles seems patently bizarre.

I am talking about the “baffles” you are.

Never heard that term for what they are before…