Hood Recommendations for Neapolitan Oven

Wanted to get feedback and maybe some pictures of what kind and type of hood systems owners are putting into restaurants with Neapolitan wood fire ovens. i am trying to decide what I want to do in my restaurant thats not going to cost a fortune or if you can recommend a company that has experience in wf’s. We have a Stefano Ferrara oven


Hi cliffgarz:

It is your local building department and fire Marshall that will tell you what their ventilation requirements are for your oven. Those are the departments with jurisdiction. What has been done in other locations may not meet their approval.

Once you contact the above and know their requirements if you like contact me and I will give you specifications and a price for your Job.

George Mills

Hi George there are no others for them to go by so they are kinda at a loss to tell me exactly so they told me to propose something to them but that they felt some type of type 1 hood would be needed


HI Cliff

If you can send me the specifications on your oven we will design a ventilation system for you, no charge, that will meet code requirements

George Mills

We have a Stefano Ferraro M130 Wood Fire oven. What other info do you need my email is cliffgarz@aol.com

Hi Cliff

I have never heard of much less seen one of that type of oven.

There are several things to be considered in ventilation of an oven .

The building and health departments will want the cooking vapors removed.

You will want the heat of the oven removed.

You will not want an excessive amount of air removed.

Achieving the first requirement is usually accomplished by a simple hood over the oven opening ducted to an exhaust fan of appropriate size.

Heat elimination is another consideration. That at this point is the stumper. I need to know how much heat is transferred to the room when the oven is fully warmed up and operating at full capacity.

The manufacturer should have the answer to that question. Get that information and the dimensions of the oven for me and then I can suggest a ventilation system.

George Mills