Hood/Ventilation System

I’v got a hood/ventilation system that was orginally installed for a Little Ceasars. Its just a basic stainless steel hood, with no filters. Just an outlet pipe leading from the conveyor ovens through the hood into the attic and then continues outside. Now I was told that the guy that owned Little Ceasars removed the fan/blower from the outlet pipe in the attic and took it with him. I need to find a replacement part for this. Anybody know what I’m talking about? I’m not sure what the name of this item is nor a brand/manufacturer.


I’m in discussion with a hood vendor right now, and hes not recommending installing an inline fan in the attic. He says I should be using a centrifugal upblast fan that mounts on the roof… Its roughly $600.00 for the part… Any comments?

The fan on the roof is what I use. Keep in mind that without makeup air, you’ll be pulling some of your A/C out in the summer. I don’t have make up air at my store and my 10 tons of air keeps 1200 square feet at 80-85 degrees in the summer. I’ve never seen a restaurant use an attic fan as opposed to a roof fan.

Hi fastbreakrob

! ) Where are you located?

  1. Have you discussed the hood in question with your building Inspector?

If what you have is not a certified hood (by UL or ETL) the new code may require you to exhaust 400 cfm per foot of perimeter of your hood. If hood is against a wall perimeter is length of hood + 2 times depth ( front to back).

The national building code requires that all air exhausted be brought back into the building. In cooler climates that," Make Up", Air is required to be at 60-65 degrees.

George Mills

We are right outside Louisville. I don’t really have a reason to get a building inspector involved… I am just replacing a fan on a hood thats missing.
I’m sure the hood was certified at one point in time but the store was originally built in the 80’s. I’m not sure what the code required back then. If anything.
We do have 2 makeup air vents that work. I think I’m going to go with this upblast fan that mounts on the roof.

  • Rob

Please do consider what George said about building department. I’m not saying you MUST . . . just that there are potential consequences for installing such a piece of equipment without the inspection and permit process being followed. If you are taking that risk eyes open, then good hunting and best fortunes in getting it installed and baking better pizzas for you.

repairing equipment s/not require an inspection…thats the way I would pursue it…

repair = no.
Replacement of large electricla item like a roof fan = maybe.