horizontal dough mixers

I have seen these mixers in old bakeries. It is made in Brazil. I think it is “old school”. Anybody know about these tilting mixers ?

Click on link below to see the inside of it. Also, the seller has an interesting web site. Let me know if you have any problem linking up.

http://www.food-equipment.com/Fleetwood … mixers.htm


here is another one from a USA maker, does there “double-action” have any advantages for mixing dough ?


Do this type machine mix the dough any better, cooler perhaps ?

I’m pretty interested in information about horizontal mixers myself. Have you discovered anything about them, over the last 3 years?

I’d like to open up a pizzeria in SP, Brazil and these[/url] are the type of mixers that are most reasonably priced. However, I only have experience making dough by hand/in a planetary mixer, so I’m wondering if I’ll ultimately be disappointed with a horizontal… has anybody heard about any drawbacks to them? The [url=http://www.correllconcepts.com/Encyclopizza/03_Mixers_and_equipment/03_mixers_and_equipment.htm#_Toc530971834]Encyclopizza basically just mentions that, like spiral mixers, they’re only single purpose machines.

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I think the best dough is made in a spiral mixer.

Hi Guys:

We sold a few of the Lealand models many years ago. To Bakeries never to pizza shops.

I think the dough capacities for pizza dough are about 1/2 those shown.

This type mixer had a reputation for seriously injuring fingers during the cleaning process.

I don’t see how the Fleetwood unit could be very heavy duty at the price showed.

George Mills

I’m currently using a spiral mixer, recently switched from a hobart planetary mixer. I really don’t think there’s much if any difference in the final product, other than maybe the spiral mixer will over mix the dough pretty quickly. I like the spiral mixer as it’s easier to pull the dough out of the bowl than my 140qt Hobart, it is practically silent in operation and seems to be a simpler design, having less to go wrong and looks to be easier to repair when something does go wrong.

I remember a coworker of mine crushing his hand while scraping the dough off the edge of our planetary mixer’s work bowl, as the thing was running. That required a cast for quite some time! I hope horizontal mixers can’t go much further than that!