well first day with new hood system working good added another window unit to the barn also that brings me up to 1, 20,000 btu air mounted in the wall 1, 25,000 btu mounted in wall, 1, 15,000 mounted in window i think next summer im going to canada in august wonder how i will have to drive to get cold :smiley: days like this wish i only did ice cream but yesterday it was so hot didnt sell one ice cream cone, business has been down quite a bit this week i figure everyone is holed up in the a / c anybody elses numbers down this week? :?

The forecast for the overnight low here is 41o with a high tomarrow of 61o. If you want I will trade places for a week. LOL

yep Im Doooowwwwnnnnn…

Hello pizza,We’re in burbs of Philly where everyone goes to the seashore in summer.But we’ve been very lucky our sales has seemed to level off the past month but not go down so I’m very thankful at the moment.On the bright side Sept. is coming and everyone should start seeing increase in sales. I’m going to start a new shirt line that says…I survived another summer in the Pizza business! :evil:


It’s 98 here and our air went out. Over 110 in the pizzaria - repair guy said we’re on the list for NEXT WEDNESDAY.

We’ll be a pile of melted dough by then! Anyone want to do a shop swap - somewhere north of Canada would be great!