Hot Hot Summer = Lower Sales?

Has the heat affected your business? My sales are down 10% the past 3 weeks so I started digging. I have a friend that runs a eatery at the local mall. He said sales are up 12% and the mall crowd is up also. With temps in the low 90’s and high humidity, people are gravitating to the malls to cool off.

What say u?


When the temperature get that hot here (maybe once every 3 or 4 years) people are just too hot to do anything. I find the supper rush on those days tends to be after 7:00. The really hot days and the really cold days are the busiest for me. Note: the average summer daytime high here is about 70 degrees.

What Daddio meant to say was that they are a bunch of weenies who really svck green crabapples. Our average here in West GA the last three weeks has been 94F/93% humidity. The pizzas almost cook themselves on the counter!!

Now Nick you know the rules about posting off topic :lol:

These couple of weeks that we’re in right now are always slow for us. I don’t think it has much to do with the temperature, I think it’s more that we’re in prime vacation season. On the block where I live, 25% of my neighbors are out of town this week. It’s unscientific, but what if 25% of my entire city is out of town? I wouldn’t be shocked, because everywhere you go around here is dead, dead, dead. Even Wal-Mart and Target were dead today when we went shopping.

The important thing, of course, is how are you doing versus these same weeks last year? We’re up 20%, so I’m not sweating being a bit off of month ago sales :slight_smile:

We’re obscenely busy this time of year.

We’re still pretty new at this whole restaurant thing but yeah, it has slowed down for sure once “vacation” season was upon us. The silver lining in it all I suppose is 1) we’re still paying the bills so when it picks back up it ought to be a blast, and, 2) we’ve been able to use this slower time to really dig into the routine, and now we know that NEXT summer we’re probably going to experience it all again…a lesson to keep the bank account ready!

My recollection is that in the summer we had fewer orders, however, the orders were larger as clients had out of town family visiting…Seems to me this would be a good time to promote larger combos…

My shops are a lot busier when it is hot out. My customers often tell me that because it’s so hot they don’t want to cook and heat up their kitchens. Fortunately for me, we (upstate, NY) have had a very hot summer so far.