Hot kitchen

We’re in Houston and we have our new triple stack Edge 60’s, It’s hot in here. Do any of you have conditioned make up air? Will that fix our problem?

Thanks, Paul

We almost never use a separate makeup air unit.We use compensating hoods that bring in 40% of the air to be exhausted, un tempered, directly into the hood. The balance of the air to be exhausted is brought in through the A/C unit. We have found this to be the least costly and most efficient system to achieve air balance and room comfort.

George Mills

Our kitchen is also hot and on hot days hvac can’t keep customer area cool at all. Was wondering if putting a mini split in kitchen and customer area would help.

we have doublestack edge60wb’s which put off alot less heat than our old Roto-flex but we always had conditioned make up air in our kitchen since we have no A/C. The heat works great in the winter…the cool function activates water that pumps through the filters returning the outside air cooler into the kitchen. It makes those god awful days somewhat bearable (if I had to guess no more than 10 degrees). We have 3 A/C units for the dining room/pickup area as well.