Hot lesson learned....

I wish I was Dewar right now so I could post a big ol baby crying like a baby…

After a nice break of being closed for 2 days we returned to location one to find…

Everything in our FREEZER was burnt…yup burnt. Freezer was running over 100 degrees.

The freezer is an old convienence store freezer and when it goes in defrost it blast really hot air for a minute or so and then cools again…well the timer got stuck keeping it in defrost blasting HOT air for who knows how long. Our lasagna, wings were actually black. The smell was horrific. Truly unbelievable.

What makes it worse is since we were closed we were only getting one truck this week…so the freezer was jammed full of product.

Checking into insurance coverage but more importantly and the reason for my post…if you have a buglar alarm they have sensors which will alert if freezer/cooler gets too warm…sure wish we would have got it back when would have saved a whole bunch of headache.

They will be installing them next week…at both locations! :?

Whaaaaa still crying like a baby!


That’s terrible, Kris!

Right now we have our refers filled with food I thought we’d have sold by now but we have over two feet of snow, slush and ice and customers aren’t venturing out. I’ve been pretty much working alone or with one person for the last two weeks (altho we were closed for Christmas for a few days). Last night the power was flickering like it was going out, and driving was treacherous because it was snowing/raining/slushing heavily. (In fact, I’m stuck home now until a plow comes down my street… Hubby went out in his Subaru and barely made it.) Usually if the power is out (and it often goes out for a long time) I pack ice blocks into my units so hope the power holds. The next other problem is garbage pickup hasn’t happened in two weeks and my garbage cans are all buried right now under the steel roof “avalanche.” If our power were to go out for a long time and food had to be tossed, I don’t know where I would toss it…

I want to move to Arizona!!!

But food cooking to blackness in the freezer is just too horrific to think about. I’ll send you a virtual “there, there” hug…

O.M.G. :shock:

Sorry to hear that! Thats a horrible feeling for sure.

Like this?

I knew you could come through! Thanks Charles :smiley:

Yikes, that poor kid was seated and photoed like that?


Probably a professional crying toddler.

I know exactly what you mean. Been there, and glad to say…done that.
Our alert system is tied into our fire alarm system and it has saved our bacon, or should I say “dough” more than once.
I’ve been advocating this for several years now.
I’m sorry to hear that it has happened again.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor