Hot Sandwiches

Hey All~
I am looking for three to four good hot sandwich (hoagie style) recipes. We are adding hot sandwiches this fall to our menu line up. We can only do “hot” because of our lease do to the fact that there is a Jimmy Johns right next to us in our building. One more point, we do not have an conventional stove / oven to use, only our Lincolns. However, we are going to invest in a sandwich make table with a small oven to heat them and melt the cheese.
Anyway…what sells for you guys out there?
Sammy B.

Why will your Lincolns not work? Most of the places I’ve seen (aside from Subway since they added theirs late in the game) use small Lincolns. Of course the belt runs faster than for pizza, but you could put it in half way or so to make up for the lower cooking time requred.

Take a look at a Quizno’s. They have the meat/cheese station, then the oven, then the veggies.

Good ham, good turkey, and MAYBE a roast beef would be a good start. I’m assuming you make pizza now, so the ham can certainly work on both sides. Pepperoni can go on a sandwich. Meatballs can work on both as well. If I could only choose two cheeses, it’d be provolone and pepper/jack. White American would be a close third. If you don’t use provolone already in your pizza cheese, then White American might actually be a choice over provolone.

My favorite sub has always been a pizza sub. Two slices of provolone, a little pizza sauce, whatever toppings are requested, and a slice of Mozz on top. Toss it in the oven and you’re off to the races.

Thanks Snowman…
We may use our Lincolns, just to figure it out logisitically so we don’t interfere with the pizza. But my main point was that we don’t have a convential stove top / oven if someone gave me a recipe that involved cooking some ingredient, etc…
The sandwich suggestions were really good…much appreciated.
One other point, we are located in a downtown office building on the skyway level. We are 70% by-the-slice, 30% delivery/catering. To up our catering orders we are adding the sandwiches (which we get requested all the time). In addition, in-store customers have been asking for sandwiches.
The sandwich operation needs to run as quickly and smoothly as our by-the-slice does because people don’t want to have to wait during their lunch hour…so we definitely need sandwiches that we can whip out quickly, but with the same high quality as our pizza.

how about a ham sandwich, italian roast beef, a turkey bacon melt ( turkey, bacon provelone mmmm) and a club sandwich (turkey, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. You can use a lincoln impinger oven to toast sandwiches but you have to run them half way through. That is how pizza hut does thier hot sandwiches and it works perfectly, there is no need to invest in another oven that will take up more space. There is so much you can do with sandwiches, they are quick (only about 3.5 to 4 mins in the oven, one minute or less to get it ready for the oven and one minute or less to dress it with lettuce tomatoes and what not and to cut and plate it.

we use our lincoln conveyor daily for hot ham cheese,french dip,italian ,chicken parma, pizza sub, we also use a 9" par baked hoagie roll that we heat up in a sandwich toaster that works the best for us. our hot ham and cheese with lettuce tomatoes and mayo sells the best for us

Hello Samm,I would highly suggest buying an electric chaffing/steam table.These are only 90-110.00 very inexpensive.Then you can do a good Meatball parm,rst.pork,etc…It is a very efficient way to bang sandwiches out. Good luck

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Thanks everyone for your input. Very helpful.
Off to experiment with some of your idea’s.
Enjoy the weekend…
Sammy B.