Hot sauce for wings

Can anyone give me a good recipe for “super hot” wings?

Hotter than, for instance, Franks Wing Sauce?
You can typically add Tabasco, or Franks “SUPER hot” (which I’ve only found in small tabletop sized packaging) to a good wing sauce to make it hotter…

Mix Franks Red Hot with Scorned Woman hot sauce. Add a bit of cayanne and you’ll be good to go.

i take some franks red hot, add a little tabasco, 2 drops of daves insanity, and about a tablespoon of chopped garlic…very hot and tasty

a s s in the tub

good stuff…

I just use my regular Hot and then I sprinkle them with some habanero powder, talk about super HOT! You can Google habanero powder and you will get tons of responses.

We also use a custom mix - we start with Endorphin Rush (we got it from I believe hotsauceworld website) and mix with Texas Pete and spices. I think the custom mixes are much better because you have a unique taste and not just like someone else

Google the word “scoville”, this is the scientific rating of the strength of pepper “heat” from capsicum. You’ll find lots of concentrated pepper paste that you add, literally, buy the drop to a whole batch of sauce. Be careful!

Franks hot sauce, some tabasco, some red chili flakes. Let it sit for a day or so before you use it.
You could add some melted butter after to soften the blow.
Mmmm. I’m getting hungry for wings now!

Like everyone else, we have our own mix. we use Franks RedHot regular to blend our mild and medium sauces. We use Franks Hotter than RedHot to mix our hot flavor. To get the higher heat, we use an El Yucateco habanero paste/sauce found here:

11,600 scoville units, and it only takes a couple of drops to jazz up ten pieces. I blend our normal hot flavor (80 ounces) with 1 4-ounce botle of this to get our next hotter level. The lunatics get more drops of El Yucateco Red sauce (5800 scoville) added when we toss. Tabasco runs 2500 - 500 scoville in heat. We can make you sweat “on impact” if you want . . . we say that it always hurts TWICE.

You all should try some fresh scotch bonnet peppers in your sauce WOW thats hot, they unlike many peppers have a brilliant unique flavor. Scotch Bonnet peppers are what jamaican jerk sauce is based on. I do lamb lolipops with jerk sauce, but I bet it would go well woth almost any protein 8)

anyone got a hot honey bbq type sauce