Hot Schedules

Just heard about this online scheduling tool and was wondering if anyone has used / uses this. One of my employees just started at a bar/restaurant and they use it - different operation though. Wondering if it would be advantageous to use for a DELCO operation. For $19 / month you can schedule up to 20 employees - not sure of the rates above that.
The ability for employees to release shifts, someone else pick it up as long as it is approved by a manager is pretty nice. Might have to try the demo out!


As a Gerneral Manager of one of the places I worked I remember begging the owner to spring for it but he didn’t want to. I will definetly look into it after I open. I spoken to a few people that use it over there pos scheduling software. When ever I ask someone about a scheduling software Hot Schedules come up. Revention is partnering up with them.

I’ve been using for over a year now and love it, frees up a lot of wasted time on RO and availability balancing. Not to mention it automatically sends all staff email or txt once you publish a schedule. It also manages and projects labor costs and hours per day, I have not setup or used that since our POS does that. i think they offer a free trial

My company, ShedWool, will be offering the same services as HotSchedules, When I Work, etc. (and more) but in contrast to their high subscription fees, my product is free and extremely easy to use! We’re nearly out of development and poised for a soft-launch by June, 2016. Please check us out at, on Twitter @ShedWoolChicago, on Facebook @ShedWool and on Instagram @ShedWool. I hope to be able to help schedule you all very soon!

We just use and post a JPEG of the schedule. Send an email out to staff through it. Staff can also use a form response for requests

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