Hot summer overproof

Help !!my procedure for the Grandma’s and Sicilian. Is over the Winter time was have them proof overnight …when I get in in the morning Now they’re overproofed !! Blown out …!:unamused:and and I’ve had to throw now 2 whole batches over the last 2 days trying to figure it out… What’s the time limit that I could leave the dough’s in hot summer days??? so I can get a good proof and bake them off for the park bake​:basketball:

I would suggest you take detailed notes of your dough temp, room temp, time to proof, etc. so you can resolve your issues at all temperature ranges in the winter and summer for consistent results.

In the short term, you can try mixing your dough with ice cold water and/or drastically reduce the amount of yeast you use.

I have the same problem in the summer. I reduce the amout of yeast I use. I chill the water I use in a bucket of ice. I then strain ot the ice out of the water is chilled to about 45 degrees. It works for me.