Hot water heater

Had my igniter switch break at one of my stores on Saturday night. Had to end up closing that night and Sunday because we couldn’t get the part till Monday morning. Plumber said its good to have an extra on hand. Figure I would pass the lesson along so you don’t end up closed a few days for a stupid $100 part

I’d start boiling pots of water in lieu of closing.

that is what we did until i was able to swap out the part.

speaking of which…does anyone have thoughts on having 2 water heaters? One as a secondary, heating to 100ºF or so, which feeds to the primary which takes the pre-heated water to 120ish? That seems to be the setup I’ve inherited, except that the secondary doesn’t work. That leaves a 50 gallon hot tank, which most likely is not enough.
The 2 stage makes sense in many ways, but I’ve not seen it anywhere else before this.

Thanks for your thoughts…


Have you been wandering through my store? I have the same two water heater setup u reference, and my secondary doesn’t work, either! (I’m in the process of replacing it). The setup is awesome, you never run out of hot water, and if one water heater breaks, you STILL don’t run out of hot water. The only drawback is u obviously use double the space…

I actually use one of these:

Works great.

the instant unit which doesn’t work is a Rinnai. I don’t know if I would trust that as the only one.

Smeagol8, do you have one gas and one electric? Wow…yes, coincidental and good to know!


Im dine in and do not have a stove. I thought about getting some hot plates, but I figured we would just have an awful night. This store has been open less than a year and worried about hour waits, not clean dishes and the damage that would do long term opposed to just losing out on a day and half.

Eupher61: No, both of mine are electric!

Sample size n=1 is pretty statistically meaningless.