hot water heater

I read in PMQ last month about using the exhaust air from the pizza oven to replace the hot water heater. Does anyone know more about this. I have a thirty year old boiler right now that is down right scary. e

I have gotta make some time to read that issue. I have been considering doing that in addition to a tankless water heater. An exchanger would be used to capture the oven exhaust heat to preheat a small 15 gallon water tank. This would feed into a small tankless water heater. I just gotta see what code says about it as I would want to put the stuff out of the way rather than use up valuable floor space.

I would love to hear more on this. My bioler will not last another heating season. I would definately consider spending the money on something like this.

I just installed a Rannia on demand water heater. All I can say is WOW! This thing is awesome! I get unlimited 140 degree water, and I only use gas when it’s running.

I ain’t no engineer on this, in fact, I don’t even play one on television, but I can speak from experience in the baking industry where this has been tried/done. When you extract heat from the exhaust gas going up the stack you cool it, causing acids to condense out from the gas. In this condensed form, those acids are extremely corrosive and can drain back into the oven causing extensive damage to both the oven and the exhaust system. This has to be taken into account when designing a heat extractor/exchanger for any oven stack. I’d leave the oven stack alone and go the tankless hot water heater route. I’m even looking into installing one in my home this summer to replace my aging hot water tank.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor