hotel key cards

Best price so far is
150.00 plus shipping for 1000 cards
Has a great deal but dominoes has me locked out.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Here’s a few companies to try:

I have used all of the above at one point in time except cardjett.

I am curious what people’s experiences are with how many cards are needed. A friend that owns a local hotel tells me he goes through 30,000 cards per year. No way I could justify $150 per thousand to have his business. That would be $4,500 for just one property!

Steve took the question right out of my mouth. I was approached by a company selling the key card advertising for two hotels in my delivery zone, and I would have needed to buy 50,000 of them for EACH property.

I have had lots of experience with hotels.
I have found that key cards are a waste.
The vendor will tell you that they are used by 8 to 10 different visitors.
My experience has been that most folks take them with them
because they think that all their info is on it from hotel stay.
This is false and creates a higher need for you to buy them because
folks take them home with them. Most folks keep the card in their pocket
or purse. Some leave them on the table. Out of sight, out of mind.

I have had better success putting my menu and store information on a cable guide
that sits on top of the tv. Much better visibility and TOMA.

If you are able, just commit to one hotel and only try it for a year.

OK, so going by what the hotel used last year I would need about 6000.
I agree they will suck and by them self are a waste of money. BUT the hotel is allowing me to be in the room with a full menu exclusively. I am going to put We CATER, and put we are the hotels preferred catering for your large event. If I can just land one or 2 fish this way, then it pays for itself and anything extra is good.
The real value is going to be in the menus in the room.
Just a note, it does say return your key card for a 2.00 returned deposit at the hotel. that may explain the lower amount of cards passing threw.

In the past I have sold clients laminated cards with magnets…They have a “channel guide” and an advertisement on the bottom…The hotel places them on the fridge or another metal surface…If is also possible to get some with adhesive so they can used to room without metal surfaces…

I have been doing table top channel guides for 18 years. I would have to look up an old invoice to be certain but I think I have been paying $4.00 per room per year. I think I am about done with it. TV’s have channel guides on screen now. I also think that, years ago, people were looking for a resource to find a pizza place. Now I think every single person staying in a hotel has that resource in their pocket and will grab the phone before they look around for a channel guide that mentions a pizza place.

We got a laminated page in the ‘courtesy’ books they have, put a menu in it and customized it for hotel guests. I think it was 300 bucks for 7 hotels for a year… money well spent.
I think that key cards are made from plastic and other mix paper or document. I know about a company which manufactures and direct supply various type of hotel key cards in the Middle East Countries.