hotel key cards

anyone know a cheap place for hotel key cards?
I know it doesnt pay well, BUT we will get another exclusive hotel no other food delivered to a 250 room hotel just by supplying there hotel key cards, menu in the rooms and an old trick, WE deliver new phone books each year (get them from yellow pages) tear out all pizza placeses but ours and put a full color menu glued on a page under pizza…

Call Dom at 518-577-7469. Tell him that I told you to call him.
He has a pizzeria in upstate NY & works with several hotels that he supplies with the key cards.

I can help you with your hotel key cards. I can beat any price you have and we can do your artwork for free.
My supplier works with all the hotels and can usually put them in any hotel you want around your place.
let me know if I can help.

1000 .127 DELIVERED, 2 WEEKS TURN AROUND. I send the art work and needs for the magnetic strip
this will be a pilot program with one hotel…IF it works out we have access to 14 others…
you may email me if you wish.

I have never seen prices that low for such a small quantity…Please tell us more…Are they full colour?..Is that the price per 1,000 for a much larger quantity?..Will the supplier give you a MSDS?..There are a couple “very cheap” magnet suppliers that will not, so I am curious if a “very cheap” keycard supplier will…

MSDS? what is that…

1000= .1270
2000= .1100
5000= .1000
8000= .0978
yes its four color, my design on the front
will let you know the quality and see how it all works out…

Material Safety Data Sheet…Just like for all the chemicals you have on your premises…

I just looked at their prices for “stock designs” and they are 11 cents each…And you are saying they are only charging about 13 cents for custom full colour…Something does not look right…

Redbarn be careful, I was looking at there website also and something doesn’t look right. Are they 30 mil pvc?
Just be careful. That is really cheap.

I’d be interested to hear the process and coordination of having the hotel let you deliver the phone books, while they refuse the books that are shipped to them. I’ve always wanted to catch the hotels when they first get the new books and have them allow us to glue a menu on the front of the phone book.

a little luck here, in indiana it is sourced out for the business so I went to yellow book, got the job that pays really well delivering to biz in my area…my wife and I did the hotels farmed the rest to all our drivers and gave them the pay EVERYONE is happy…new ones coming soon so got to do it again