hotel keycards

anyone know where to get keycards best price I have found is .07 each, we are looking at atleast 5 hotels.
also anyone get any type of responce from them?

Where did you get a price that low?..

Key cards get about 1,750 impression per room per year…A small property with say 30 rooms means 50,000 plus impressions…And they need food…Depending on your cost to get in it is well worth it…

One of my clients with 23 rooms got C$75.00 per room (keys supplied by chinese restaurant) for the the year…So C$1,700 per year or so…I figure you only have to generate about C$70.00 to C$80.00 per day and it starts to work…

…RCS… with a 75.00 discount from pizza show in vegas

Have any of you had good success with hotel keycards? Also, I checked out and the prices seem pretty reasonable. Is the entire cost for the year due up front or do you pay in installments through out the year?