we are near an airport and catter to several hotels
almost all let us put a menu out with several other places
a couple make us put them behind a desk and IF someone ask for one they can walk down to the desk and get one
of course the big 3 have the door keys, (cable channel charts) in the room,
I have gotten as far as 2 places contemplating…allowing me to place laminated menus in there room.
and both have asked whats in it for me?
any ideas why they should let me?

Run a free pizza by the office every week or so and make friends with these people and you will be in in no time.

Ask the hotel and motel owners if you can do a laminated telephone channel card (and/or telephone instructions) for the rooms…The focus on the card is the TV channels but across the bottom you can put your ad…They are used by the guests and stay in the rooms…RCS…

PS…This is the basic idea except on a laminated card…