something fresh, we currently do the dollar buck, like ALL my competitors
we are near atleast a dozen hotels, and getting my butt kicked
pizza hut has the room keys and dominoes locked in the room guides
have asked if I could leave a laminated menu most said no, one did agree
and there is one that said whats in it for us?
what can I do to get the front desk to refer us?


Bribe 'em with pizza. That’s what I’ve always done. It depends on your relationship with the hotel manager/owner. Some deals, you give the owner/manager a free pizza a week if they put your stuff in the rooms. Some front desk deals, you give them a free pizza for every 5 or 10 orders they refer to you.

Hotels are always hit and miss for me. Maybe I’m doing it wrong too. Anybody else have any sure-fire suggestions I haven’t tried? -J_r0kk

As we enter our 6th month we are beginning to extend ourselves more as operations firm up. I’ve thought of doing the room key or guide but haven’t heard about any great results.

I’ve recently contacted the managers of the big hotels around here and will be meeting with them. I am doing free pizza to start and then 50% discount to all front desk employees. In return, they allow us to put menus in the lobby and be the only pizza place they suggest when they have guests ask.

I’m not sure if hotels are an untapped resource or just wishful thinking on my part.

Even though Pizza hut is already on the room keys, you may be able to work your way in on this. Go to[/url] or [url=] and see if they will convince the hotels in your area to switch. won’t cost you a dime unless they are successful.