hotel outside the box

there are 3 hotels that are in my area that I think I will approach today.
I am thinking of “partnering with them”
they are individually owned 100-125 rooms, all three owners actually work and run the motels,
my proposal will be to offer them 10% of my sales
I of course will not run specials and packages an discount my pizza
any feed back?

Sounds like a nightmare to track.

Also, how will you be able to compete with others who will be offering coupons/discounts?

He wouldn’t have to compete. If the hotels hand out your menu/flyer upon check-in, and do not hand out or display competitor’s, you will have a virtual monopoly on that hotel. Out of towners, who are mostly traveling on business, are not going to pick up a phone book and call around looking for a deal too often.

This is a good idea. I may check into this myself on the non-franchise hotels in the area.

What a great idea…Marketing and discounts cost money…In this plan that expense is simply given to the motel/motel owner…

Consider doing laminated tv channel / phone cards for the rooms…The cards could have your menu on part and the useful information on the rest…


Won’t many of these people call and ask “what are your specials”? What are you going to do after you find out they are in a hotel? “Sorry, specials don’t apply to hotels”?

I also think it’s a great idea - but I also think it has many logistical problems.

It doesn’t mean you have to say we don’t offer specials to hotels. If a large one topping costs $9.99 and a 2 liter of soda costs $1.99 just tell them todays special is a large 1 top and 2 liter for ONLY $11.98.

I understand that - but how will you know if the caller is calling from a hotel or not BEFORE you answer their question?

“What are your specials”

“Are you calling from a hotel?”

I think it’s a great idea to approach them with a deal.
Tracking will be a problem. Maybe we can help you come up with a better incentive to offer the hotel owners, rather than try and figure out what 10% of the sales to the hotel would be.
Who knows, maybe the hotel owners know of a better way to do it. Maybe they have deals with other vendors in your area as well, and have a typical way of remuneration.

What if you have the drivers drop off a copy of the receipt at the front desk ? At the end of the week you tally up your copies and if the hotel wants they can compare and count up theirs.

just kickback some free pies to the desk every once in a while…better yet drop off some gift cards to your place so they can use whenever they want.

was only able to talk to one hotel today, we are doing laminated menu,s
this is a motel 6 so to get in you must pass the desk, each time the front desk will get a stamped copy of the reciept and we will reconsile at the months end.
as far as the specials
first we have a POS that has caller id each hotel is already in the system so we knows ahead
I have NO problem giving them a special if they ask
I am just not going to advertise it in the laminate flier
we average only 3-5 deliverys a week, dominoes killing us…so I will post next saturday how the results went