Hotel Room Keys

One of the local hotels has agreed to let us supply them with the room keys. Anyone know of a place I can get a great key for a great price? Most of the the websites I have found “secure” the room key program and it is really not needed. Just need the keys.

Any help would be appreciated, we have waited 14 years to get on this program with them.


Your local “promotional products distributor” should have access to a number of lines…
try these guys

kris one last thing, I didnt have great luck so I wouldnt sign a big contract try and see is a great move here

I have several friends in the lodging business in this resort town. One friend who owns an 80 room national name hotel told me that the number of keys required would be the number of rooms X 365 X occupancy rate X 1.5 PER YEAR.

In his case ((80 X 365) X .8) X 1.5 = 35,000 keys. At 10 cents each that comes to $3500 to promote to one hotel. That would mean that using my advertising hurdle of 5% of sales that expenditure should produce $70,000 in annual sales. With my average sale, (I know it is very high for the industry) of $30 I would need to make ~2300 sales or 6 deliveries per night IN ADDITION TO WHAT I AM GETTING NOW to justify the expense. I don’t see it happening.

Can you get these things down to 2 cents if you could buy something like 250,000 keys at a time?

Has anyone had good luck with these things? I realize the nationals can buy the keys by the millions and offer them to franchisees for a smokin deal, but so far, what I have found out does not look promising to me as an independant.