hotel stands

I was wondering how well this would work
I have talked to them and pizza hut has the Door keys and everyone else has “menu’s at the desk”
there are about 3 hotels with aprox. 175 rooms and its a dollar a room per month! so we would have 525 in sales to make up to break even.

I stayed in a hotel near Disney World this past August. It was actually a big complex, with seperate buildings away from the Main Desk. But anyway, my point is that every day when I got back from the day’s activities… I had flyers waiting for me that were slid under the door. I think I’d start with a flyer campain to the rooms. is another example…

But why do you need them?..Work with a local motel and/or hotel to produce your own…You win…Hotel wins…Commision sales guy loses…


Hello Red, I go to local consierge at front desk and ‘make a deal’ Give him or her a few lunch or dinners a week and a load of menus.Its amazing what free food does.This works extremely great for me. Good Luck


Shouldn’t you get permisson to slide things under the door from the hotel what if the manager or someone gets upset and tells you to stay out?

I would appologize and offer them a free pizza or two for their staff. All the while explaining that part of my intent was to offer something new to their guests . . . and negotiating a way to get the info out through the management, if that is their preference. What you are offering is really a value added for their guests to have a place to eat (or get delivery) that is high quality and convenient. They shouldn’t gripe too hard about that.

(Might just be easier to ask forgiveness than permission in this case.)