Hourly Rate for a Head Kitchen, etc

Hi there,

Ok I guess you can see I’m kinda starting from scratch… getting back into this business and I haven’t been around the restaurant scene for awhile.

  • What would everyone say a average Hourly Rate should be for a person you want to run your kitchen? ( I think I’m going to be doing allot of it too, but if I was going to hire a guy to run it, cook, make food orders,etc)

  • Should I pay Hourly or Flate Rate? (if flate whats some numbers?)

  • Where would be the best place to get a person? Would anyone reccomend getting someone out of school? I’m looking for someone serious - when I had a place before, we had so many drunks and BS Artist throught the paper & just coming in looking for work. Is there anything better then putting an ad in the paper?


Is there new cash registers which can “help” pin point exactly what the company made that day! I know you want to trust people… BUT what is the best way -without being there 24/7 from seeing if someone is stealing?



I dont know what area your in butif you want a guy that is going to be a honest hard working guy, not a drunk crack head, than your going to pay… I have seen it all guys who have been in the business for 20-30 years and they cant even make dough… Lots of talkers… I would say hourly rates of 12-15 a hr. and as for salary, 60 hours 750 a week… If you can find someone out of school that would be my first choice and you can train them to do it the way you want. I hate hearing, well this is how we did it at… As for POS systems they are good, however I have heaard of about 10 pizzerias in my area that just got busted by the state when they came in and plugged into there systems only to see they all underpaid the sales tax… so…

LOL - that is so true, I used to own a take-out restaurant and EVERY guy we hired was exactly like this. All crack heads, drunks and would act like we are going to hire Bobby Flay!! Then a day later we see they couldn’t remember rolls were in the oven and they would be need to be pulled off the line because they were slow.

Thanks for the advice and basic price range.

12 to 15 an hour sounds good for a good kitchen person. If you want to find high school kids to work talk to the guidance counselor. They know which kids are good and which are not. You could look around some other kitchens and see who stands out.
There are enough good people looking for jobs right now. I am sure you will find some eventually.

I only met my HS guidance person twice: beginning 9th grade and 1/2 thru the 12th grade. Government wages = Government BS. Most guidance personnel don’t know squat.

If you want information on a ‘student,’ ask the teacher.

I can get a good cook that is fast, will leave the place clean and prepped and not make mistakes for about $11-$12 per hour. Add open and close responsibilities for about another $2.00 per hour.

I disagree with the comments above about 60 hour weeks for $750 a week. Not because the money is not right but because 60 hour weeks are for owners. You start having employees work them and you burn out and loose the employees. Where we are located, a manager that makes the schedule, orders food, sees that equipment is maintained, hires and trains etc will cost you more like $900 a week and possibly more.

Treat your people fairly, don’t blow up at them, make your expectations clear IN ADVANCE, thank them for the work they do.

Good luck.

True, I live in a small town where the guidance counselor is also a teacher so he knows more and he tells me what the other teachers think.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that. Like yourself I only saw my HS guidance counselor twice as well. Obviously in our cases a counselor wouldn’t have much to say bout us. But what about the kids they do meet with multiple times a year, both for good and bad reasons? I would think their input on kids like that would be useful.