Hourly Sales - % From Lunch vs. % From Dinner

My breakdown is grossly one sided. I need to do something to get my lunch busier.

I’m pulling up a report now to see how my hourly sales breakdown.

We open at 11:30. Our lunch “rush” is typically 11:30-2:30. Then we’re slow until 5ish, depending on the day, Friday & Saturday start a little earlier. Then from 5 until 8-830 we get our dinner rush.

After I run the numbers I’ll get a percentage of where our sales are coming from in relation to hours.

How about everyone else? What’s your lunch:dinner ratio? Have you done things in the past to try and make lunch or dinner busier? If so, what success have you had?

We’re usually 4:1 on the weekdays. (typically 300:1200 to 400:1600). We have wholly failed to capture the Community college kids across the street despite cheap buffet and our newly launched $5.00 lunch special. I’m trying to develop a NY style dough to do pizza by the slice. Lunch pretty much pays for prep and nothing more right now…

If Lunch is 11 to 3 then our lunch is only 20% of our sales. Dinner is about 60% and then the other 20% are those in between or late hours.

Here are my percentages for the day:

Hour Sales %
11- 4.22%
12 - 7.3%
1 - 4.73%
2 - 3.62%
3 - 4.56%
4- 9.42%
5 - 20.33%
6- 22.59%
7 - 14.52%
8 - 6.76%
9 - 1.48%

Anyone else have this high % from late day vs early day?