hours of operation

we are open from 11 to 11 but our lunches aren’t doing so well. should i just skip lunch and open 4 to 12. i thought that it would cut down on utilities and labor. any help would be appreciated.

I made the choice to be open because I am here doing prep work. My thinking is if I am here I might as well make money no matter how little. I don’t have any extra staff here unless I know I am going to have a big order.

We used to open for lunch I found that usually it was slow and you had to be constantly marketing to get enough sales to keep one driver occupied. Now we open at 3-9:30 on MTW and our sales are just as good as they were before.


We are open 10Am to 2PM Weekdays at Mike’s Pizza. We do all our prep work and deep cleaning during that time. We need the cleaning and prep time so why not sell a little too. You do have to make your rounds and remind your business customers you are open for lunch. Some evening customers were developed from our Lunch business.

Bob Harper

Marketing Manager
Mike’s Pizza
West Jefferson, OH