Hours Of Operation

was wondering what hours you guys run I am open from 11-9 6 days a week my lunch labor runs about 60-80% M-F on Sat it runs 20 % I am Thinking of dropping lunch hrs M-F and going to 4-9 or 4-10 what do you think


I am opening 11-7 here in Quartzsite.
I know that those 10 hours daily get old, just hard to shorten them and do lunch and supper, that’s what I figured it’s call in OK, Quartzsite too,
that may work, 4 to 10, sure make your labor better, and at 80% labor, you may be puuting some of your own money in those lunch hours.
hope you can make the new hours something special for your customers.
maybe send something to your lunch customers for a freebie or something that will grab them in the evening…you could hand it out to your lunch crowd a few week before you close for lunch, letting them know then making them feel special, may even bump up lunch too
easy for me to say, implementation is the real part,
hope this helps,

Or you could split your hours; lunch 11-1 supper 4-10

I thought of that too, only heard negatives, and experienced as a customer, negatives about that…only good in theory,

Negatives aside would the change in hours help you out?..If you are steady in the afternoon stay open…If is slow close…I suspect most of the complainers are not customers or you would have enough business to make it worthwhile to stay open and you would not be having this discussion…

I have ran into this situation several times before in previous restaurants.

What I have done in the past is run the store by myself. When a Delivery order comes in I make the order, and I deliver it myself. Locking up the store and leaving a note on the door saying back in ten on a delivery. I also forward my #1 line to my cell phone, so that when I am on the delivery, I won’t miss other calls for delivery.

I also would spend about 1 hour every morning for a week, before I open going around to all the businesses and handing out my menu.

Once your lunch 11 am to 4 pm, gets up to $200. day average then you might consider adding a lunch helper.

On a sales basis we could drop lunch. We also run 50% labor at this time of day.

On the other hand, we need to have somebody there to do prep most of that time anyway. Another way to look at it is that the only “added” labor for doing lunch on weekdays at our place is the cook for an extra two hours (beyond what they would need to do for only prep) and a driver for 5 hours. When I look at it that way the added labor is only about 22-25% which is better than my average.

Our day shift driver folds all the boxes, stocks the drink and salad cooler and does the prep dishes. That work still would need to be done and takes an hour or so. The day cook does about 90% of the prep for the store. That work takes a good 4-5 hours a day.

were open 3-9 m-t 1-9 fri sat 4-7 on sunday our lunches are horrible up here but our fridays do ok kinda have people trained to order on fridays