Hours Of Operation

I was wondering how many of you are located near colleges or universitys and what your hours are? I will be opening a delco near a university and know that lots of students have late night cram sessions. I was thinking of being open until 1 on the weekdays and 2:30 on Friday and Saturday. What are your opinions on this?

know that lots of students have late night cram sessions

Like seeing how much alcohol the can cram down their throat in the last hour before last call?

I’m open till 4AM seven days a week. It’s part of our business identity to be the latest open. There are plenty of days when 1AM till 4AM brings us as much business as our dinner rush hours.

We are also near a university here in Chicago. The late night biz sure helps. We promote heavy with the athletic dept and that gets us a ton of business during normal business hours. We are open till 1am weekdays 2am Fri-Sat.

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