hours of opperation

is later better even if you are not seeing anyone? say after 9

We’re toying with the idea of closing about 9:30 or so on weeknights. Our local PJ is supposed to be open until 11pm but they sometimes close an hour or two early.

We close at 10 every night and shut down the grill at 9 so its pretty much just pizza, calzone, and salads…works great for us

a lot of places close at 10 during weekdays and 11 fri-sat… shut off the grills 30 min before closing time…

I stay open till 1am on weekdays and 2am on friday and sat. The thing about your hours are that you should ALWAYS stay open your advertised hours dead or not. When I first started staying open late I didnt do that great until everyone found out that I was open. Everyone else closes early, and I always take orders delivery or not right up to closing time. Just a thought…

I agree with danter whatever you advertise make sure you are open and I dont understan why people shut the “grill” down early or stop delivery before they close. Would we put up with that at a gas station? Sorry we turn our pumps off 30 minutes before we close so we have time to clean up or the Groc store? sorry but we dont sell produce 30 minutes before we close cause we have to put it all in the cooler and we dont want to do it after we close. Hmmm sounds kinda silly doesnt it. Really are ya open or not?

Yeah, I don’t go back to a place that says, sorry milkshake is taken down for cleaning. Grill is closed for cleaning… ect.

I’ve fired over a dozen employees for “closing” my stores early.

I guess I was raised differently than many people. I always got a job because I wanted to work and make money.

heck that extra 30 minutes or hour pay for closing cleanup is a breeze.

I can understand a salaried employee doing it but an hourly?

And those cheaters that close down early and time themselves out for the extra 30 mintues for clean up where met at the start of their next shift with me telling them, go home and be thankfull I’m not pressing charges for theft of service, you can pick up your last check Friday!

Back to marketing… How are you letting potential customers know you’re open late?

Is there a late night business to be had?

Do any of you increase your delivery charge for orders after a certain time?

hello all,

this is my first day on PMQ so i apologize if I am repeating another ?'n from a different topic. At my store we are considering doing a 24 hour service at least on the weekend. We are in a college town and think this may be productive. How can we test this without necessarily making it permanent ? Has anyone tried this in their area?

I would never charge a customer extra for ordering late. Thats telling them that they are not as important as other customers. We are there for them THEY ARE THE BOSS. I want as many of their dollars as I can get my hands on. So always take care of the customer no matter what time it is. You can do really good late night if you go get the business. I sent someone to all the bars, bowling alleys etc… to give free samples and pass out menus. The motels are also a life line just a few ideas…

That’s asking for trouble somehow, Mike. Either charge the same, or stop delivering at a certain time. IF you’re doing any business at all, you’ll be cleaning up after close time anyway, may as well take advantage of it and make some extra sales.

We don’t, and I can’t imagine why anyone would. Are you trying to discourage people from ordering later at night? Just wondering?


i own a pizza place in a college town. we’re open until 3:30am mon-sat and til 3 am on sundays. my partner and i are ADAMANT about being open until the second we claim to be. no question. customers must be able to rely on posted hours of operation. as an owner and the primary cook, it can be incredibly irritating getting that 3:29 am call, but that’s the breaks. we get tons of late night business and not just on weekends. most places around here close early on weeknights and sundays, so we get a lot of default business due to being the only place open.

Just to clarify, not trying to discourage, but since all the chew and spew’s close at 11pm on the weekend, we’d be the only place open, and people would still expect the cheap chewandspew price. I think Denny’s, for example, does not have their super-cheap menu offerings between 1am and 5am, to make up for the convenience factor.

All in all I decided to close at midnight and just keep everything the same.

It is a tough call! On the one hand you can save a lot of overhead by closing earlier, but you could be missing out on lots of sales as well. Maybe come up with a separate, and special, marketing program targeted to orders after 9 pm. If you work hard, and smart at building those late night numbers and nothing changes you might just want to close early. I think you will be surprised with the results though. Good luck!

David McGuire