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I have encountered some strage results with my dough. We handtoss our dough and bake in a conveyor oven. Our dough is typically 2 days old when we use it and allow it to proof at room temp for an hour or so before we use it. Nothing odd about our recipe, Hi-Gluten flour, 56% water content, soybean oil, sugar, salt, and instant yeast.

We did an experiment using a rolling pin to roll out the dough rather than tossing it by hand as we are having trouble with the trainees getting a consitant dough tossed out.

The rolled dough was actually much more tender, airier, crispier, and had a very nice open cell structure throughout the pizza.

The dough tossed by hand was dense, chewy, tough and had a much more noticable gum line to it.

I have done the experiment several times with batches from different days, using dough 1-3 days old, with different topping combinations and still get the same results.

From what I have read - shouldn’t the opposite be happening? I would appreciate any thoughts or comments.




I have a great recipe for french bread, and I am using a HOUNO oven with humidity control from Europe. . This is a no oil type recipe and actually the finished product tastes great, exactly what I think it should taste like BUT I always get a “blowout” on the side of the loaf when I bake it.

What causes blowouts? Too much yeast? Too little yeast? Stretching the dough roll too much with too few grams? Proofing too long? Proofing too little?

Please HELP!!!

I am getting desperate, the pizza / bakery opens in 5 weeks and this is the ONLY thing that is causing me problems.


Dr. Lehman: We currently are using all that I learned at the American Institute of Baking’s Pizza Seminar, taught by none other that you, to make and market a frozen version of our restaurant’s popular pizzas. We are adding a USDA plant in the back yard of one of our locations. We have a blast freezer, which can freeze about 60 pizzas in 45-75 minutes (high-power freezer at minus 30 degrees). But I was wondering how much different our product would be if we just used the regular old walk-in freezer we are building, to freeze the pizzas (Good old zero degree freezer by Kolpak, same as what you find in the back of most grocers). Using the walk-in will take longer at zero rather than minus 30, but we will be able to put 500 pies in it at a time, instead of 60. Should I anticipate that the slower freezing will produce any perceptible difference in the end product? Thanks so much for your consideration. PS: I talk up the AIB and its seminars often. It was a great course, and well worth the time and money. - Kurt at Shakespeares

Does anyone here have a recipe for yeast doughnut dough?

Thanks in advance,