Houston Hunger Rush!

Either that or the complete lack of accountability in that post.

From the email posted above, it looks like the “redundant data center” was also in Houston. It doesn’t matter how many different companies provide networking into the building if all networking is cut off.

However, they’re covering themselves here… their equipment was up and it’s the network providers that are the culprit. Thus, I’m sure this is “beyond their control” and some lawyer has them cleared of liability.

Also, it’s important to understand that Ike changed course a couple days before it hit. Originally, it was supposed to hit further south.

What I find most interesting about this thread is the OP who says HALF of their business is from online orders. How cool is that?

Which makes no sense at all. Why would a company pay for two datacenters in the same city?

Definitely cool. Think of all the labor he is saving!

I am surprised by the negativity of some of the posts here. We are all in business and have all experienced challenges and growing pains. The key is to learn from our mistakes and improve. I can tell that I switched to Revention several months ago and am VERY happy with the product, customer service and tech support. As a matter of fact last Saturday when they were in the middle of a hurricane I called for a tech question and it was quickly resolved. I do not use Hunger Rush yet but I plan to. From my dealings with them so far if they have a problem they fix it. I just wanted to voice my opinion.

I have to agree with Tony. I am one of the pioneering Canadian Revention customers ( 3?). I also have their HungerRush on line system. They are far from perfect, however, ask your pos company to reprogram so as to be able to accept Canadian postal code vs zip code. Ask them to customize the menu pricing fields to accept your unusual (to them) pricing . See what happens. We are very close to getting a second location. Revention will be the POS without question.

I did not mean to come across as an indictment of Revention’s product or their support. I am, however, going to stand by my assertion that it was negligent to not ensure the continuity of their customers’ online ordering, especially since they had plenty of notice.

Everyone makes mistakes. I hope that Revention has taken steps to prevent this from occurring again. It certainly made me pressure my POS vendor to make sure their “Preferred” online ordering providers truly do have redundant processes.