How about this Pie?

Alright new post, I have taken some of your suggestions and want your opinions. They are helping me out really. Here is the new Pie.

and just for the sake of it here is the old way that I was making pies.

notice I backed off the spices and moved the spices under the cheese, backed off the browning of the cheese a bit, and you can see the toppings better this time. Pepp, Sau, and Mush btw. now is there anything you can say about the new pie? Look good? Would you give it a shot? Marketability?

Some notes:

  • I drive the cheese over the edge of the pizza so there is fried Mozz on the sides. I know it’s not a “definable” crust but the customers love it and commonly say that the crust is almost their favorit part.

  • This is considered a Deep Dish, the crust is about a 1/4 of an inch thick and golden on the bottom.

  • Local Market seems to love them I am just looking to make a better Pizza

The bell now rings. Much better presentation and looks like care has been taken in putting the pizza together.

Good luck with it.


Come on people, if you are going to say no to why you wouldn’t try this pie. TELL ME WHY. I am trying to build a better pizza here and I can’t try if I have no feedback. Your not going to hurt my feelings, I came here to work with my peers not to boost my ego. The customers already do that lol.

The pizza definitely looks a lot tastier and cooking the cheese to a slightly less brown probably keeps more of its flavor. I would definitely give this pizza a shot, unless the sausage has caraway seeds. I absolutely hate those seeds and they dominate the flavor. I would probably order sausage alot more, except they always seem to have caraway seeds even when i specifically ask the server if they do and they say no…

The second pizza seems far more appetizing to me as well. I know I bring personal preferences to the table here. The lgith golden brown is great! seasonings under the cheese makes a more smooth appearance. Toppings to the edge is a perfectly good plan . . . not everyone wants a crust collar on their pie.

I think I can understand the dilemma you run into. The seeds in traditional Italian sausage are more commonly FENNEL and not caraway. They are amazingly similar to look at, but the fennel gives the slightly hot flavor sensation. You definitely will throw a challenge to a server or cook to try to figure out if they have the fennel or caraway going on. I would have to read ingredients or bite into the seeds to know which is which . . . I cannot tell by looking, and I have a lot of experience with whole spices.

I really like the spicy look of your old pizza. It definitely differentiates it. Although the crust you are describing on the new pizza sounds delicious.


We have a prettied up version of the USDA guidelines for the requirements of various meats available on our website on our Tools and Resources page at

Guide to Fully Cooked Meat Toppings Terminology & Sizes

Italian Sausage is defined as:
Usually made from pork, Italian sausage must consist of at least 85% meat with a total fat content of not more than 35% in the finished product. If another animal or poultry species is used, that species name must appear in the product name, such as “Italian Sausage with Beef.” Products shall be seasoned with pepper and either fennel or anise or a combination of both. Optional ingredients include paprika, red and/or green peppers, onions, garlic, parsley, monosodium glutamate, antioxidants, sugar and other sweeteners. Up to 3% water may be added to facilitate mixing.

uhh, indy tar heel…

i doubt any sausage has caraway seeds… most “italian” sausage has fennel seed. sometimes, whole, or crushed or even ground.

caraway seeds are in rye bread. maybe if you made a rueben pizza, you might see some caraway.

Yeah, I’m thinking they are fennel seeds. My mom called them caraway growing up and i looked up caraway and fennel and they look exactly the same (as per Nick). I also read a little about fennel and it fit the description iof what i was thinking about.

So, to update, I would eat this pizza if it doesnt have fennel seeds :smiley:

I would not hesitate, lots of meat, lots of cheese. After owning the shop for seven years I still enjoy pizza, probably too much The newer version looks more appealing to me.

What is more important is

the customers love it

I like the way the new one looks alot better. I think the spices on the old one makes me think about the time I was adding oregano to my pizza and the top fell off.

The fried cheese on the edge looks great.

Looks very tasty, nice improvement

I agree the new pizza LOOKS better without all the spices on top.

However, IMO, I like the cheese more brown like in your bottom picture…makes it look more rustic and the new picture, looks under spec’d because you see dark cheese, then lighter cheese where the toppings come through, making it appear like there’s less topping.

If I had the ingredients I liked on it, then I would try it. I answered yes, because apperance wise, it does look like a tastier pie than the 2nd one, even though it looks appetizing, too.