How Are You Guys Slicing Tomatoes?

We have been chopping our Roma tomatoes but have been considering going slices for the better presentation on pies. Suggestions?

Nemco to the rescue again!

Get a Nemco easy tomato slicer. It takes some real talent to cut yourself with one of these babies.

That’s what I figured I’d have to get although I didn’t know how well it worked with the smaller Roma tomatoes.

I must be super talented cause I did cut myself just the other day!!! lol…grabbed the stupid thing and grabbed the blades somehow…ouch!!! it works great though!!!

We use our Globe slicer that slices our green peppers, onions , mushrooms, etc.

It works great.


I work at PJ, and we cut our romas using that cutter.

It works fine…you can stand the tomato upright for round slices, or lay it kind of on it’s side for oval style slices…but it works great…if you use a lot of tomatoes, then I would definitely invest in the cutter…one of our locations it’s broke, and we didn’t realize how badly we missed it until it was!

I really like haves, they look great on the pizza’s and work out the best for our oven baked subs. Its our daily prep and I have them do it by hand, I am thinking of getting one of those slicers though…anyone that uses how often do you have to sharpen or replace the blades

Wow, can’t imagine doing it by hand . . .

The blades are replaceable. On similar units I have the blades are about $65. Don’t know specifically for this one.

I use my slicer for cutting tomatoes and it works fine. No additional investment.

We had one of those slicers. They work great but my emplolyees didn’t like it. When the blades get dull, they are really a pain to get sharp and adjusted so that it works well again. Repacement blades are expensive! We do it by hand.

This reminded me that the previous owner told me there was a tomato slicer in the basement somewhere. Just went and dug it out and cleaned it up. It’s a pretty nice compared to slicing by hand like we have for the last year. The part that the tomato rests against and passes through the blades is bent up and seems to catch pretty easy, but still cuts prep time and keeps blades away from little fingers.

I have a few packs of replacement blades too, so that’s nice.

We use the Nemco too.
Just dont let the morons cut apples with it.

We found out the hard way (numerous times) that it’s a bad idea to have a bunch of razor blades sitting around to grab. Now we use our Hobart slicer.