How are you promoting your gift cards?

Doing anything special to help sell gift cards for the holiday season?

What are you trying?

I just put up a few in-store posters. We don’t really sell too many, it is tough to compete with the national chains that have their cards available in Walgreens, CVS, and about any place that sells phone cards these days.

Box topping

Easiest holiday shopping around… Our gift certificates make the perfect holiday gift and we will deliver them to your door.


In-store signage, and sent out our monthly email with giftcards as the feature.
75% of my giftcard sales come in the last 2 weeks before Christmas.


We did a blast email & are following up with a direct mail piece.

Get a FREE $10 Dinning Certificate, when you purchase a $25 Gift Card.

Our dinning certifiactes expire Feb 28, 2008 & can only be use on food.
We are also presenting the offer when the server drops the check to dine-in guests.


So the dining certificate is for $10 of food for dine in only? Does not include any drinks?



The $10 certificate can be used for anything except beer & wine.

If marketed correctly, it is a no brainer. Here’s why:

  1. You are only giving away about $3.50 (COG)
  2. Most of my check averages are over $30 w/ a $10 certificate used. So I actually make money even w/ the $10 discount
  3. If they need a gift & they know they are coming back to my place, it lowers their “gift cost” tp $15 (since they are getting $10 off their next visit).
  4. We all know that about 20% of the GCards sold never get redeemed.

Another option is to push it this way…FREE PIZZA!

Purchase a $25 Gift Card
& we’ll toss in a FREE PIZZA!

When I first got my cards, I did a promotion of buy a $25 card, get a $5 card free/ $50 and $10 free/ $100 and $20 free

For December, I am offering a $25 Gift Card with a Free T-Shirt packaged in a Pizza Box - Great Christmas Gift :slight_smile:
Hope it works!!!