thinking about doing some really big pizzas…
how big is your biggest?
how well do they sell?
do you have shop in…small town…big city…college town?

Our 16" “Big Papa” is our largest pizza at Papa John’s.

It’s quite pricy, and in our market, only sells well when we have a special on it, such as right now…the super bowl special of 5 toppings for $13.99

At regular price, a Works 16" is upwards of $20-25, and it just doesn’t work that well in our market.

We are in a smaller suburb outside of Tulsa, and most of the food business goes to Tulsa rather than dines at the establishments that are here in our town out of convenience.

We have a 24" and 28" that can be ordered any time without advanced notice. We have the process down to fit into regular make line without too much hassle. Most orders are for the 28" and we sell 10-12 per week at 49.99+ with the 24" at 6-8 per week at 39.99+. The problem you will have for the big boys is locating the boxes and making sure that your make line can accomadate the large pizzas. When we get orders for 10-12 at a time, it can mess up the flow of things on a busy night. We were going to go with a 32" also, but I did not want to tie up so much in box inventory. To see our complete selection, check out our website. They are fun to make and the jaw dropping responses are priceless.

Nice menu, Pip! I’d like a little Kahuna Baja, please!

Our biggest is a 20". Any bigger and it won’t fit out the door without turning it sideways. Shifting gears is hard if you drive a standard. I’m allways banging my knuckles on the box when shifting into 3rd and 5th gear. Finding hot bags and boxes are a challenge with larger pizzas. The only complaint we have had with the 20" pizzas is that the leftovers don’t fit in the fridge. The box is WAY too small.

russ cox

hey pipsqueak,what size dough ball for your 24"

We use 48 oz for the 24" and and 68 oz for the 28.

i tried at 45 oz to toss,man that is sick,i think it will take some practice…or use a smaller dough ball
are you tossing that 68oz’er

Our larest Pizza is an 18". With a 16" for our next size down. Our 18" Deluxe is only $18.75 and we run a special for our 16" 2 topping for $10.99. They use to sell a 24" at this location before we bought it, but we really get too much interest in it.

Yes, we hand toss the 68 oz. It is a bit difficult, but we manage. Like tossing a large wool horse blanket that is wet.