How can i lock my minions out of the internet with vista

In point of success you have the option of defining departments and security settings. If you make it so the EXIT button is only only the manager page then only the employees (managers) would be able to access this.

If you wish to track this you can also create a report to how often that exit button is hit under the manager page and under which ID they did it under and deal with the employee accordingly.

Don’t forget this also means changing the security settings for each employee based on what department you put them under.

Most of this is done under the TOOLS option of the Office Manager part of Success on the main office pc. Under Other tools is the user security feature.

Hope this helps if not send a PM and I’ll try to help you out some more.

edit What this does is not lock them out of the internet, but it locks them from getting to the windows system. The only way around this is to hard shut down the register and reboot it. But if you make the software automatically start on windows start up then doing a restart won’t let them to the windows system.

Or if you simply want to do this on the windows side you can go to add remove programs and remove IE from the system under the windows add ons.*

Just my .02, but if the OP posted about this to the forum, he probably has a problem with employees NOT doing what they should be and opting to play on the internet instead. It’s apparently a problem or he wouldn’t have posted, IMO.

It happened at my store all the time…but our solution was that the owner bought another PC for the internet and when he’s gone, he shuts it down and takes the power cord and mouse with him.

The pos stations do not require a mouse, so unless the users are so desperate to unplug a pos and shut down our system (they’re all linked together) and use sticky keys…internet “ain’t happenin” here anymore.

mouse 99c power cord 99c ?

But who is going to make the effort to buy a mouse and power cord for a work pc?

No one here, at least, not so far. :wink: